EETN completes Microgrid project in American Samoa

EETN recently completed a 94 kW parking canopy project at the Fiatele Teo Army Reserve Building in Pago Pago, AS.  EETN was the EPC contractor for this micro-grid project.  Pago Pago is located on the island of Tutuila.  The island of Tutuila is powered by several diesel generators and Solar PV power.  The Grid on the island is small – approximately 20 MW of peak load.  As additional Solar has been installed on the island, the local utility -American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) has found it difficult to adjust equipment in the event of a cloud related power transient.  As a result, ASPA requires battery back-up and power smoothing function for installs greater than 30kW on the island. 

EETN designed a system utilizing the Princeton Power DRI-100 Inverter to provide the power smoothing function in the event of a cloud related power transient on the system.

In addition to the micro-grid aspect of this installation, The customer desired the ability to clean the panels with a temporary walk way.  With the space available, EETN was able to devise a less expensive option and instead provided a scissor lift and panel spacing to enable regular cleaning.

The corrosive salt spray environment required significant consideration for corrosion prevention.  EETN designed a system using PVC and stainless steel hardware on a hot dip galvanized structural steel frame to prevent corrosion.

EETN's superior design team and install crew including Young Energy Solutions, completed a very effective install.